ecological building management

A Short Essay on the Topic

Ecological “Energy Management” has been a guiding principle in the real estate sector for years. These days the term “Sustainability” is also on the agenda of real estate investors and owners.

Profit-oriented real estate investors in particular have realized: sustainability not only increases rent, but also promotes a generally more economic approach to managing the property, protects resources and the environment and in the long term is an important component in the success of efficient real estate administration.

“Sustainability” plays an important role in building construction and revitalization/refurbishment. Having built on internationally recognised certificates such as LEED and BREEAM, the German Society for Sustainable Construction has created a German certified standard and their own label.
Sustainable real estate management may also contribute to two specific phases:

First of all when determining the requirements of the operation and life cycle costs, including energy efficiency. These need to be defined for any new construction and then implemented by the real estate administrator during the property’s operation.

Furthermore during regular operation of a typical real estate portfolio or asset.

Most real estate is made up of already existing buildings that have been certified with the regular standard and not as a “Green Building” – nevertheless this type of property also has a great efficiency potential.

For Example:

Adapting inspection and maintenance intervals to ensure the ideal level of operational stability, while minimising CO2 emissions and maintaining the value of the building.

  • A maintenance and inspection strategy that plans well into the future
  • Use of energy-efficient filters
  • Use of energy-efficient pump technology
  • Use of environmentally friendly, biologically degradable cleaning fluids
  • Determining the necessary frequency and level of cleaning activities
  • Reducing water usage (more examples could be cited here…)
  • Minimizing waste production and introducing a suitable waste separation system

Many more examples may be added to this list.

These criteria may be applied when repairing, refurbishing or modernising property as well as for new construction projects:

  • Which material is being used?
  • Do the refurbished spaces provide enough flexibility for their users?
  • Are the spaces and installations as well as their technical design suitable for the handicapped?

The basic principles of sustainability may not just be applied and used to optimise technical processes – they also influence business administration. The goals (management strategy) determined by Vista Venture AG in collaboration with the respective owner and/or asset manager can always be adapted to follow a sustainable management strategy that specifically works towards maintaining value in the long term and a steady return on investment.

This is controlled by strategic budget planning of maintenance and repair activities together with continuous risk surveillance.

The importance of sustainable actions especially in the administrative sector has been proven.

We would be happy to speak to you in person and use examples from the real world to show that the Vista Venture AG team is able ensure sustainability not just momentarily, but in the long term due to a holistic approach to the real estate life cycle.

This applies to owners who use their property as well as real estate investors; all will reap benefits by integrating aspects of sustainability into their management strategy. Real estate owners can therefore only be encouraged to start reading up on the basics of sustainability and related criteria and to research the market for solutions, as the resulting actions not only help the environment but also make perfect economic sense.