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For property management companies data security and data protection is not just a duty, but a legal requirement.

Any company that needs to access the internet for data transfer must guarantee the security of this data not just to protect themselves, but also to protect their customers.

Unfortunately, in the real estate sector this issue was neglected for too long. In the end it is not just the tenants’, but also the landowner’s – our customer’s – data that needs to be protected.

At the end of the day cash flow statements and information on how surplus funds should concern nobody but you, the investor.

The 2009 amendment to the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) strengthened the requirements and sanctions for companies in: § 11 of the BDSG requires companies to guarantee the protection of all data whenever it is handled by third parties – especially in the case of personal data. When selecting a service provider companies have to be extremely careful and record their commitments and obligations in writing. There is a good reason why auditors have started pay more attention to IT.

We continuously invest in IT and data protection as well as in the quality of our in-house hardware and software, resulting in a level of security which you as our customer can rely on.

All important data related to tenants and accounting is regularly transferred in an encrypted format to the high availability database of our software partner Aareon; their systems are monitored around the clock.

All our infrastructure is designed to be redundant, making it as failsafe as possible.

Some information on software partner, Aareon AG:

In 2010 the German Association for the Certification of Management Systems awarded the DQS quality certificate for data security to Aareon and its subsidiaries. This elective external audit based on § 9a BDSG proves that data protection at Aareon complies fully with current regulations.

The Aaeron computer centre is also certified by the well-known PS 951 standard of the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland e.V. [Institute of Public Auditors in Germany]. In the autumn of 2009 Aareon received first the PS 951 Type A certificate from the independent auditing company PWC for the installation and documentation of an internal control system; in the spring of 2010 they also received the type B certificate, which confirms this standard was successfully maintained.

All these measures mean that we not only fully comply with the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act, but also guarantee a high level of fail safety to our customers.