company history

... the investors perspective on our company.

Vista Venture AG was founded on 24th February 2000. At first the company focused on property management for supra-regional and regional real estate fund managers and was held by various shareholders (free-float).

The high level of professionalism of the company’s employees meant the company soon had to expand: this consisted first of the foundation of a branch in Zeitz on 1st January 2002 and then of a branch in Schwerin in 2004.

On 1st January 2010 a branch in Magdeburg was added.

As part of another expansion phase in the spring of 2009, Lutz Neumann took over as director with sole power of representation.

Meanwhile Vista Venture AG manages more than 6,000 living and working spaces at 6 locations in various regions.

Vista Venture AG sees itself as a real estate optimizer, acting on the increasingly aggressive real estate market.